Frozen Hot Chocolate.

It’s going to be a 105-110 (real feel) tomorrow and Friday, and my body is just SCREAMING for something frozen!

I’ve actually been dying to try and make my own pops – like I did when I was a kid, and we poured our own homemade orange juice into popsicle molds. But if I make my own, according to the recipes that I have seen so far, I would have to go out and get heavy cream :( (Yes, thank you very much, laziness). So, I figure that because my fridge is already stocked up on ice cream, I don’t think I need to go out and get some heavy cream to make pops to fill up what’s left of my fridge space ——– not yet, atleast.

But, today, I found a recipe that .. hm, might work? I don’t have half and half on me, so maybe I’ll leave that out. (Besides, it’s only 2 tbsps. It’s allowed, right? LOL). I might also replace the white chocolate with dark chocolate/milk chocolate. I don’t like the taste of white chocolate; I am known to love sweets, but even white chocolate is too sweet for me! Ok, actually, it’s also because I don’t have white chocolate on me …. mostly for the reason stated above. Hehe.

I’m going to keep it on file, just in case, and consider making it tomorrow. MAYBE.

I can feel the pounds stacking on up on me already, as I consider “Frozen Hot Chocolate.”
But, in this heat wave, can anyone blame me?

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